Watching professional basketball continued to amazing growth Thailand is an exciting phenomenon indeed. What’s even more exciting is being able to contribute to that unfolding basketball journey.

As the Vice President of the Bangkok Tigers, I’m extremely proud of the high skills, integrity and “rare breed” of Tigers that we are. But it is not like we’re doing this alone. We are blessed to be sponsored by a Top Visa Law Firm, TSL & Associate, Thai Legal Protection, as well as our appreciation to be included in the Thailand Basketball League.

However, we also have tremendous gratitude for our fans who support us at the arenas. In saying this, I am not merely expressing my own personal view but am speaking on behalf of for our team staff members, and our Thai and diverse players who are coachable, aggressive (as you would expect Tigers to be), and blend well, both individually and as a cohesive team, signifying the highest levels of professionalism.

There is an old military saying that a person has “earned his stripes.” Our Tigers earned their stripes every time they set foot on the basketball court.

For those fans supporting their Bangkok Tigers who would like to interact with us, you can contact us via messaging us at Bangkok Tigers fan page. For Professionals who want a chance to see if you’re a fit for the team, email

Bangkok Tigers, Thai Tigers, A Rare Breed Indeed!

Let’s Go!

Your VP,

Preston Bennett