About Club

Bangkok Tigers Basketball Club (BTC) is an international men’s professional basketball team of the Thailand Basketball League (TBL) located in Bangkok, Thailand in Southeast Asia. Established in 2018, the BTC continues to pursue its one goal, which is the highest excellence of professionalism.

That ultra-high standard applies to every facet of BTC’s existence – quality athleticism, comprehensive teamwork, individual and collective sportsmanship, effective communications, utmost in individual and team motivation, carrier integrity through politeness and manners whether on or off the court and complete respect for all cultures that are embraced by members of opposing teams, fans and league officials.

Further, BTC provides the appropriate supportive atmosphere and environment for players to perfect their basketball skills, sharpen their social skills and to participate in a team-oriented, supportive, and fun culture based on mutual respect. The club has gained a well-earned reputation for its brotherhood and how it takes care of their players in every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

BTC may not always be comprised of the best five individual players on the court, but to use the players that collectively work in the most harmonious and ineffective unit as a team. At first glance, that sentence might seem to suggest BTC could appear to be less aggressive than its competitors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If after all, the team chose the name “Tigers” as emblematic of its predatory nature. Additionally, while Indochinese Tiger exists in the Kingdom of Thailand, they are a rare breed in comparison the tigers in other nations. In fact, it is believed that fewer than 250 presently remain in eastern Thailand. Therefore, they are not only rare but extremely valuable and protected. Certainly, it is a given that Tigers are relentless, ferocious predators who, through instinct, approach their prey with finesse, stealth and power, catching their targets by surprise. Perhaps that is why in the Chinese zodiac, tigers are one of the 12 signs. People born under the sign of the Tiger are said
to “make great leaders and will stand up and fight for what they believe in… Hard working and enthusiastic, the Tiger will usually take over a project or task completely in their eagerness to finish it.”

That, in essence, describes your Bangkok Tigers Basketball Club.