Chuthigran Dongird (Kay)


Kay majored in business administration at St. Theresa International College, Bangkok. Her working career began as a flight attendant where she became keenly focused on customer service. She moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where she was a successful restaurant entrepreneur. She transitioned her customer service skills to Bangkok where she has been a leading visa consultant for TSL & Associate (Thailand) Co., Ltd. customers seeking all types of visa assistance.

The start of Bangkok Tigers was when the Thai Basketball League (TBL) approached & offered a new franchise team. This was something new & an intriguing opportunity, so Kay took it as a challenge. Turns out that she loves watching the games and being in the stadium cheering for the team. Kay’s number one concern is to take care of the players and make them feel at home while offering a quality entertainment product to the public, community, and fans.

As president, her team goal is to make the Bangkok Tigers Club a consistent playoff contender and become a leading team in the Thai Basketball League (TBL) and other international competitions as mentioned in Our Vision Statement. Further, Kay would like to inspire young children throughout Thailand to play basketball as it is a very fun and challenging sport which incorporates teamwork while competing against others and against their personal or individual goals/aspirations as well.